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Toronto, ON 


General labour

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Full Time



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Responsible for general duties involving the repairing and inspecting of pallets, inspection of pallet quality, repair of pallets, and shipment of pallets to customers.
Key Accountabilities:
  • Maintain orderly and clean work area in compliance with Saturn safety, environmental and sanitation requirements
  • Using standard hand tools equipment and some hydraulics for pallet repairing, inspecting preparing for shipments to customers
  • Pallet from receipts are delivered to work station for repairs meeting criteria and product to and from the following locations:
  • Pallets from receiving to Inspection & Repair Stations.
  • Supplies (paint, stringers and other miscellaneous materials) to storage or to Repair Stations.
  • Pickup Inspected usable pallets and place on conveyer and deliver into USA or CDN stock or to staging for shipping for customers.
  • Completed repaired pallets at Repair Stations are transferred via conveyors to USA or CDN segregation or staging for shipping.
  • Inspects incoming pallets at repair station to determine which are meeting criteria as trained via; USA product and which are CDN product, which are re-usable and which need repair. Directs pallets once repaired as is appropriate to shipping or repair conveyer. This position requires visual acuity and mechanical comprehension to identify relative strength of pallets inspected. The position requires standing except for breaks. Equipment assist is also used and trained by Saturn safety Policy and LOTO procedures.
  • Directs pallets to be repaired to the mechanized pallet rotation device. Using mechanized equipment or pliers / sawzall / pry bar, removes unusable pallet parts (runners or stringers). Replace with new materials. Nail new parts on pallet. Inspects pallet then redirects new pallet to conveyer for the Paint Line.
  • Follows all of Saturn’s Policies and Procedures, including Rules of Behaviour and Health and Safety Rules, Zero Violence and Harassment in the Workplace.
  • Must be able to rotate between pallet repairs and pallet inspection and other operating functions as needed.
  • Performs general warehouse/production duties as assigned by Team Leader
Required Education and Experience:
  • No experience or education requirements
Our Organization is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to accommodating applicants with disabilities throughout the hiring process. Accommodations for job applicants with disabilities will be provided upon request.

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