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Toronto, ON 


Administrative, Customer Service, Manufacturing/Production/Operations, Project/Program Management


$20-45 / hourly

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Full Time, Part Time, Contract



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Hi there, I’m looking for a very specific human. Is that you? Let’s find out. 

Once you read through the whole description and requirements, if you're a great fit for this role, apply here:

At your core: you're empathetic, organized, and reliable as fuck. 

I was joking with a friend recently when he asked me what I was hiring for: I’m really looking for  a smart human with a car. Like an assistant, but more, really. 

You ensure that things are taken care of, and bring a certain nurturing energy that helps life function smoothly. 

You are organized and proactive. You realize there’s a bunch that needs to happen to keep life + work (aka household and business) functioning. 

You are good at getting things done, getting them done on time, and ensuring that progress is happening; Understanding things can get chaotic sometimes, you are good at bringing structure and process to things reliably. 

And you have a car, because mobility is a critical component of this: whether it is acquiring supplies or accompanying me on in-person meetings. 

This is a part-time job ( about 20 hours/week for now) and I’m looking for someone who will be able to move to full-time eventually. Key responsibilities are to own all projects to completion, get projects done on time, to accurate scope, and with as little interruption to daily schedules as possible. 

You need to be a good project manager, good with people, and able to manage several projects simultaneously. You must also be good in the abstract (with time and lots of details that live in virtual spaces) and also with the physical (wrangling items like furniture and expertly packing the trunk of a car, for example).

When it comes to research, you’re ridiculously good across a range of topics. You have the ability to understand needs and present options that will accomplish a goal from several angles. Better yet, you anticipate questions that will arise and do the research to answer those as well - saving time and expediting the ability to make decisions.

You’ve also gotta be down to do a bunch of tasks from the fascinating to the mundane. I can promise you one thing - this job is not going to be boring. And it will likely bring you into topics and ways of thinking you never expected. You must be willing to stretch, learn, and grow. This is an environment where that is welcome, and will support you in that. 

This role is really an extension of my home and life, so you’ve gotta be cool. I want to want to spend time around you on a daily basis. And for you to feel the same about me.


Who you’ll be working for: 

Hi, my name’s UJ. 

I grew up in India. I came to Canada alone when I was 17. I had never been to a foreign country. I’d never seen snow. I’d never even heard of poutine. That was my start, in this country. 

People know me as the Co-Founder of Intelligent Change (Creator of The Five Minute Journal and the Productivity Planner). We created beautiful products that helped people become better versions of themselves. I’m proud of the work we did. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people have better lives.

Late last year, I exited the business and decided to take a sabbatical. 

I feel like a beginner again, less sure about everything. I’m looking for someone to support me in this journey. I know that for this right person, this is an amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve quickly to where they want to go. 

Fundamentally, I am a seeker of Truth. This is an obsession. My life is designed around pursuing my curiosity. I am the most curious about learning, growth, and how we can orient our lives in the pursuit of something bigger than us. I’m interested in implementing what we know about neuroscience, the limits of human potential, and instigating growth. This is the shit I love. 

I go on meditation retreats for fun. I dancewalk on a regular basis. I journal regularly, and self-awareness is my drug of choice. 

Close friends would tell you that this is an amazing position for someone who really wants to bring their whole self to work, who truly wants to learn and grow as a human, and get paid well for it. 

Apply here:

Job Requirements:


  • You get shit done (aka good project management skills) with proactive awesomeness

  • Regardless of whether you’ve worked in the field before, you might’ve heard someone you respect say,”You’d make a good assistant."

  • When it comes to research, you’re ridiculously good and have the ability to be good across a range of topics. You have the ability to understand needs and present options that will accomplish a goal from several angles.

  • You’re quite good with people + an exceptional communicator. You consider yourself self-aware and intelligent.

  • Strong at scheduling and understanding order of operations to efficiently get work completed and accomplished

  • You have the ability to setup online and offline systems for managing complexity (aka. tech savvy)

  • You have range - you’re down to do a bunch of tasks from the fascinating to the mundane. 

  • You really know how to pack the trunk of a car effectively (aka strong spatial awareness)

  • You work hard at work, and on yourself. Learning and growing on the job is a requirement, not an option. 

  • You are truly able to give and receive feedback well. 

  • Personality-wise, you’re personable, warm, and nurturing.

  • You’re cool starting out at 15-20 hours/week, then move to full-time eventually

  • You are comfortable providing references 

  • You live in the GTA (closer to Toronto the better)

  • You have a car

This position is not for you if: 

  • You are thin-skinned and have challenges receiving constructive (thoughtful) feedback

  • You have not invested in personal growth in your life

  • You are aware that your communication skills are not great, and you dislike people who are direct

  • You don’t have a car

  • You don’t have experience in handling multiple projects effectively. 

  • You don’t have a reliable computer

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