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Mississauga, ON 



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Part Time, Contract, Temporary



Job Description: is currently in need of a Part-Time / Fractional Lawyer for our organization as well as our affiliated companies. This position reports to the President of and is a role that can be worked remotely. We estimate that this role will be approximately 1-5 hours per week but will vary depending on the workload.


1. Reviewing and updating our terms of use, privacy and other documents related to each of our consolidated group of companies.

2. Writing up and/or reviewing legal agreements that any of our organization(s) requires.

3. Updating our employee agreements as needed.

4. Providing legal direction on structure of our corporate organizations.

5. Identify opportunities and gaps in the current structure and ensure that changes are made as needed.

6. Write up, review and document legal agreements that are needed with outside suppliers, etc.

7. Document and set up a stock option plan when needed.

8. Ensure corporate minutes and any ongoing legal requirements are up-to-date.

9. Deal with any small claims issues (filing claims as needed)

10. Ensure Corporate structure are up-to-date with Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (Form 1, Articles of Incorporation, Directors, etc.)

11. Other requirements as needed.

Experience needed:

1. Experience on corporate legal structures.

2. Knowledge of corporate laws and structure in Ontario, Canada.

3. Strong knowledge of corporate / legal structure of Ontario corporations.

4. Resourceful to get information, documentation, etc. done properly

5. Experience with legal matters outside of Ontario would be a strong asset

Skills Needed

1. Strong verbal and written communication skills

2. Experience in a similar role.

How to Apply

Please email your resume to
Company Info Recruitment Division 6645 Kitimat Road, Unit 27
Mississauga, ON, Canada

Phone: 905-812-5627
Web Site:

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