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Concord, ON 


Automotive, General labour, Transportation/Logistics

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A TorontoJobs.ca client, a distributor of industrial gas, is on a search for a Fleet Maintenance Coordinator.

The Fleet Maintenance Coordinator is responsible for optimizing and maintaining the fleet and will be the the main liaison for mechanics, insurance, suppliers, inspectors, etc...The successful candidate will be responsible for the training of all drivers on anything related to the operation of  vehicles on Ontario roads and the operation and maintenance of the equipment on the vehicle, including but not limited to, general operation of the vehicle, operation of the tailgates, air brakes, PTO pump, crane, loading straps, pallet system and pump systems.

  • Managing / resolving near misses, incidents, injuries, WSIB claims, accidents when a vehicle is involved
  • Ensuring that the M1’s and M5 inspections for bulk trucks are completed
  • Ensuring that the Annual Safety inspections for fleet are completed
  • Preventative maintenance of the entire fleet
  • Maintenance of the CVOR record and renewal
  • Ensuring that the Yearly crane inspections are completed
  • Driving/picking up trucks to/from mechanics
  • Maintain and ensure trucks/vehicles have all appropriate supplies and documentation
  • Ensuring that TDG Documents are completed and filed daily documents filed in proper place
  • Ensuring that the daily pre-trip inspection for every vehicle that leaves the yard is completed
  • Work in tandem with JHSC to address and resolve any inspection issues
  • Creating relevant and timely content and present safety meeting with driver staff every week
  • Collecting all acknowledgement signatures of all attendees and keep in a binder the topic and how it was presented (charts, visuals, web viewings, etc…)
  • Presenting the findings of the inspections/maintenance issues and may be required to find multiple and cost-efficient solutions to any problems to the company owners
  • Maintain DZ license
  • Extensive knowledge of 3 ton and 5 ton double axle DZ air brake delivery vehicles
  • Experience in diagnosing issues with vehicles and possibly make small repairs
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Organizational skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem solving skills

To apply, please email resumes@torontojobs.ca.
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TorontoJobs.ca Recruitment Division 6645 Kitimat Road, Unit 27
Mississauga, ON, Canada

Phone: 905-812-5627
Web Site: www.TorontoJobs.ca

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