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$35 per hour

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Full Time



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Matteric Inc. is a construction company where we build not only buildings but Customer's trust to handover  the dream of building their property to us. We expertise in building personal and commercial properties as per our client demands. We work with Architects and designers to produce beautiful, functional structures. For our Organization, we are looking to hire  a Full time professional Maintenance Tile Setter with the following Responsibilities-

  • Prepare, measure and mark surface to be covered
  • Build underbeds and install anchor bolts, wires and brackets
  • Mix, apply and spread mortar, cement, mastic, glue or other adhesives using hand trowel
  • Set tiles in position and apply pressure to affix tiles to base
  • Align and straighten tile using levels, squares and straightedges
  • Cut and fit tiles around obstacles and openings using hand and power cutting tools
  • Pack grout into joints between tiles and remove excess grout
  • Install tile strips
  • Lay and set mosaic tiles to create decorative wall, mural and floor designs
  • Mix, lay and polish terra surfaces
  • Cut, polish and install marble and granite
  • Remove and replace cracked or damaged tiles
  • May prepare cost estimates and orders.

Job Requirements:

Qualification/ Experience

  • Required to have completion of Secondary Schooling.
  • Similar Work Experience would be an asset but not required.

Other Requirements-

  • Must be legally entitled to work in Canada. 
  • Must of 18year or above.
  • Must be able to commute to the given location on their own.
Number of Hours- 65 Hours Biweekly


If you have the skills and experience required for this position, please forward your resume to:

E-mail: info@matterix.org. 

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Matterix Inc. 23-1445 Bonhill Rd
Mississauga, ON, Canada

Phone: (365) 777-3265
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