Posted: 11.24.2015
A Checklist Used Before Your Interview:

Great Attitude Means Being Positive

Your attitude during an interview will often be more important than your topic knowledge. Few companies want to hire personnel with a bad attitude. So, when you're finally sitting down with your interviewer in that all important first interview for your dream job, here are a number of things to consider and to practice before you begin.

Great attitude is a positive mental approach, a real desire to help, a challenge to diminish the negative and a high expectation of success. Great attitude provides the commitment and courage to address all encounters positively.

You can get your own great attitude by: 
  • Starting each day with thoughts about the positive aspects of your interview/job/life
  • When negative events occur, take a deep breath and focus on positive activities
  • Avoiding people who are negative
  • Sharing your attitude when things are going well
You want to convince your interviewer that that you have a great attitude when it comes to the way you approach all aspects of your job:
  • Approach your job: efficiently, gladly, enthusiastically, willingly, reliably
  • Approach your customers: professionally, helpfully, politely, cheerfully
  • Approach your colleagues: diplomatically, co-operatively, trustingly, ‘team-ly’
And once you find that elusive great attitude, you’ll be amazed at what it can do:
  • Trigger enthusiasm, add energy
  • Enhance creativity, ideas and solutions
  • Cause good things to happen
  • Reflect back to you from others
  • Be your most valuable asset
Some good hints about how to keep your great attitude;
  • Look for the lightness in all your contacts
  • Focus on what you do well and enjoy
  • Insulate yourself against negativism
  • Share with others - enjoy their feedback
  • Maintain your professional image
  • Find direction, passion, a mission in life
And it’s really necessary to show your great attitude when you perform your new job:
  • Be on time, organized, up-to-date technically, prepared technically
  • Greet co-workers/executives/customers warmly, by name (to make them identifiable individuals)
  • Anticipate their needs, be supportive, lead by example, recognize extra effort, act asap, keep everyone informed, be helpful
Even after you’ve been hired, you’ll have many good reasons to protect your great attitude. You can protect your great attitude by:
  • Backing away from problems to get focus and be objective -- give yourself time
  • Finding solutions which work for you
  • Seeing change as an opportunity

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