10 ways to turn off new employees

Posted: 12.07.2015
Making sure that your new employees are comfortable in their new workplace is a great opportunity to make sure that they start off on the right foot with you. However, many employers turn off new employees by making some simple, easy-to-fix, mistakes on the employee's first day(s) on the job. Here are some ways that the experts at TorontoJobs.ca have come across of employers turning off new employees:
  1. Making sure a work area was not available or assigned.
  2. The supervisor/manager being on vacation when the new employee arrives and no one knowing what the new employee should be doing.
  3. Leaving the new employee waiting in the reception area for half an hour while the secretaries try to contact their manager.
  4. Not inviting a new employee out for lunch, while the rest of the team heads out.
  5. Leaving the new employee with a 100 page employee handbook or training manual to read.
  6. Not making any introductions to any co-workers.
  7. Assigning them to train with the unhappiest, most negative, company-bashing, staff member.
  8. Assigning work is unrelated to their job description because the manager has a busy week.
  9. Making the new employee work in a hallway on their first day.
  10. Not taking an employee out for a tour of the premises.
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