How to Tackle the Weakness Question

Posted: 06.07.2018

As human beings, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. A lot of times, we excel in talking about our strengths and capabilities, however, most of us tend to shy away when it comes to discussing our weaknesses – especially, if it’s a question that wasn’t prepared for in advance. Well, don’t worry! has got YOU covered!

This article will highlight the 3 tips to tackle the weakness question in an interview.

#1: Once a weakness, now a strength!

Perhaps you were shy in front of people before. However, after a leadership opportunity to present ideas in front of 50+ members, it has broken you out of your shell! You can use this tactic to answer the weakness question, which would leave a positive impression.

#2: Give a weakness unrelated to the role.

Another strategy to tackle the weakness question is to provide a weakness that does not have any relation nor connection with the job. Here’s an example to give you an idea.

You are interviewing for a position of an Accountant. You can say something like, “My social media skills are not up to par, however when it comes to numbers, I excel!”

As social media is typically under the umbrella of Marketing and Communications, an Accountant would most likely not be responsible of posting innovative content on a company’s social media – unless it is a solopreneur organization, that is!

#3: Be witty!

Answer with a fun and witty statement, such as, “My weakness is chocolate! If you put chocolate in front of my face, I will eat it right away.”

The bottom line here is that you always want to end off on a good note when it comes to tackling the weakness question. Don’t dwell too much on what makes you be perceived as incompatible for the role – however, view the weakness question as an opportunity to be transparent yet still emphasizing your strengths!

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