How to Search for Jobs Using Social Media

Posted: 06.24.2020
How to Search for Jobs Using Social Media

More and more people are using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to search for job openings, instead of traditional platforms like Indeed and Workopolis.

In this YouTube episode, join President Marc Belaiche as he talks about how to search for jobs on social media.

1. Network.
Utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn to grow your network. Connect with recruiters from staffing agencies or recruiters from human resource departments to get updates on the latest job postings. Sometimes these companies will also share opportunities through other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, so giving these a follow can also be a good idea.

2. Connect and message influential professionals.
Send an invite to professionals who have a lot of connections on LinkedIn or if they’re working in your area of interest. This will help grow your list of connections by being able to look at who others are connected to. Reaching out to professionals in your field could also lead to inspiring conversations about the industry.

3. Have a public profile and list your e-mail address.
Privacy settings are important but making too much of your profile invisible on LinkedIn can hinder you in making connections or following job leads. Maybe opt to have part of your profile available for viewing so connections can see where you are currently working and your top accomplishments. Having an e-mail listed can also help other connections get in better touch with you.

4. Respond promptly to your messages and e-mails.
Especially if you are getting a message from a recruiter, you want to make sure that you are checking your notifications regularly, so you don’t miss opportunities.

5. Engage in discussions and join groups.
Comment or like posts that you see on your feed, especially if they are relevant to job opportunities and your industry. This can help you to get noticed by recruiters and other professionals. Joining groups, whether on LinkedIn or Facebook, is another way you can look for job opportunities and engage in industry specific topics with like minded individuals who are part of that group.

6. Set your status to “Seeking Employment.”
By setting this status on your LinkedIn, you are letting recruiters know that you are ready and looking for employment. You can even specify what type of job you are looking for, so you can be more easily found by people looking to fill positions.

7. Build your brand.
Making your profile more visually appealing can help recruiters and other professionals learn more about you. Adding a professional headshot, changing up the banner, and filling out details about your job history can make your profile stand out.

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