"What's wrong with my resume?"

Posted: 07.21.2020
"What's wrong with my resume?"

“What’s wrong with my resume?” A common question asked by many job seekers. In this YouTube episode, President of TorontoJobs.ca Marc Belaiche provides tips on how you can improve your resume to increase your chances of getting more interviews.

1. Formatting your resume.
Format your resume so that it is clear and concise when an employer reads it. Don’t overly complicate your resume by using different fonts, colours, and long sentences. A resume is a snapshot of your work history, so keep your resume no longer than 2 pages long only listing relevant positions related to the job you are applying to and use a legible font like Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri in 12-point font.

2. List the city you reside in.
You don’t have to provide your whole address, just providing the city is enough. Adding this information to your resume helps recruiters aid you in finding job opportunities close to where you live and if you’re open to job opportunities in another city, make a note on your resume that you are “willing to re-locate.”

3. Make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.
Run your resume through spellcheck or have someone look over it. This is an easy way to show your attention to detail.

4. Include keywords in your resume.
This is especially important when you are posting your resume online on a recruitment site like TorontoJobs.ca. Including keywords in your resume increases your chances of being found by recruiters when they’re searching for candidates with specific skills set for their candidates. For example, if you are familiar with programs like QuickBooks or Adobe Photoshop, ensure to name them in your resume. For more tips on including keywords in your resume, check out this article "Buzzwords for Job Seekers" and "Best Practices When Posting Your Resume Online."

5. Tighten up your privacy settings on your social media.
Before a recruiter even contacts you, they will often Google your name to see what comes up online. Even if you don’t have anything “bad” online, it’s a good idea to add a couple more privacy settings and maintain professional.

Want more job tips from Marc? Click here check out the TorontoJobs.ca YouTube Channel for more!

Written by Sandra Toth, Marketing Coordinator, TorontoJobs.ca.
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