Tips on Using LinkedIn to Find Job Opportunities

Posted: 09.22.2020
Tips on Using LinkedIn to Find Job Opportunities

With the technology available to us these days, people are getting more creative in their job search. In addition to checking online job boards and company websites for openings, people are using their social media accounts to make meaningful connections with recruiters and hiring professionals to get their foot in the door.

Below are a few tips to keep in mind when using LinkedIn to find job opportunities.

1. Keep your profile updated and active.
Whether you’ve picked up a new skill, completed a certification course, or started a new volunteer position – always remember to update your LinkedIn profile with that new information. That new skill that you’ve picked up could catch the attention of a recruiter, leading you to a potential job opportunity. You can show that you’re engaged on LinkedIn by sharing and commenting on content and indicating on your profile that you’re actively looking for a new opportunity.

2. Network and grow your connections.
By growing your number of connections, the more opportunities will be available to you. You can grow your connections by:
  • Connecting with individuals who have the same or similar roles as you.
  • If you’re looking to get into a specific industry or role, connect with individuals who are in those positions.
  • Reach out to those who looked at your profile. Ask them why they were looking at your profile and if there is anything you can assist them with.
  • Once you connect with someone, you can take it a step further and contact the individual directly through their email or phone number to give you that extra oomph.
3. Join relevant groups.
This is a great way to share content to your specific audience and spark discussion. With LinkedIn’s new feature you can also meet potential connections more easily – when you’re in a group you can send messages to people without being connected to them.

4. Use keywords.
When describing your accomplishments, skills, and responsibilities make sure to use keywords in your description. Recruiters use keywords to find candidates online, so you’ll be more likely to be found if you make your profile keyword friendly.

5. Have a profile picture.
This is more of a preference. If you want to have a little more privacy, you can keep your profile picture hidden until you make a connection with someone on LinkedIn, but having a profile picture can have its benefits. Your profile picture can say a lot about who you are as a person. For example, if you’re profile picture is quirkier it can show that you are an out-of-the-box thinker. This goes the same for having a video bio of yourself.

6. Check your settings.
Look out for a setting on LinkedIn that you can turn on to let recruiters know you are open for new job opportunities.

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