A Day in the Life of a Recruiter

Posted: 10.28.2020
Ever wonder what a recruiter does? Below we give you some insight into a day in a life of a recruiter.

The first thing that you should know is that there are two types of recruiters:
Corporate Recruiter: These are recruiters who work at an organization and their job is to recruit for positions at that organization. Their “clients” are internal line managers at that organization.
Agency Recruiter: These are recruiters who work at a staffing or recruiting firm and are paid by an external organization to help them fill their positions. There is also something that’s known as a 360 Recruiter. These individuals not only work with various external organizations to help them fill positions but they also interview candidates to help them find a job and make the matches. Their “clients” are external organizations who pay the recruiting firm to fill the position.
What does a recruiter’s responsibilities consist of?
  1. Interviewing candidates - How many are interviewed each day/week depend on how many roles are open, the types of roles that are being recruited for, client needs, etc. One recruiter may interview 1-2 candidates a week, while another recruiter may interview 30-40 per week.
  2. A recruiter will spend time discussing the needs with their clients - What type of person are they looking for? When do they want to fill the position by?  How much is the position paying?
  3. In addition to posting openings on job boards and social media, recruiters also search for candidates through resume databases. For example, at TorontoJobs.ca we have a resume database of over 150,000 potential candidates, so we search that database for prospects by things like salary, keywords, location, etc.
  4. Recruiters respond to a lot of messages on a daily basis from clients and job seekers, whether they come through email, social media (especially LinkedIn), text, and phone.
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