How to Get More Referrals

Posted: 11.04.2020
Are you struggling to get more referrals for your open positions?

Below are five tips you can consider to help you in your search.

1. Be present on social media. Ensure you’re marketing your open positions on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, not just LinkedIn. You’ll reach a wider range of people, especially young professionals who are more likely to be using those platforms.

2. Let everyone in your network know that you are looking for candidates, including your friends and family - you never know what kinds of connections your network has.

3. Speak at or attend industry conferences or events. This is a great way to make new connections and market current positions at your company. For a full list of our virtual events you can click here.

4. Take a look at your past employees and perhaps there are a couple of individuals who would be interested in coming back and working at your company. You could ask your current employees if they have anyone in their network that they can recommend for positions at your company. You could also ask job seekers that declined your offer to see if they have anyone they can recommend.

5. Hold open houses (virtual with the current pandemic). This is an interactive way to show potential employees what it’s like to work at your company by touring your offices, meeting current staff members, etc.Referrals are a great way to hire new staff and motivate your current ones.

Employees who successfully refer candidates are more apt to stay long-term at a company, feeling positive and confident about their contribution.

In addition, candidates who are referred to a company are also more likely to have a different attitude because they feel like they don’t want to let down their friend, family member, or professional connection that helped them get a position.

For more tips you can check out Marc Belaiche, CPA, CA, President of discuss this topic here.

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