Finding a Job as a Newcomer

Posted: 11.17.2020
Uprooting to a different country is a tremendous opportunity for a chance at a better life, but it can also be overwhelming, scary, and lonely.

Not only are you battling with learning another way of life and speaking a different language, entering the job market can be a challenge too.

If you are a newcomer in Canada, below are a few tips to help you get started in your journey.

Connect with employment centres.
These agencies are funded by the government and they are there to assist those who are legally entitled to work. They can help you with an array of concerns you may be having like writing your cover letter and resume, interviewing tips, and of course, helping you find employment.

Organize your required documents.
Ensure you have your important documents ready for employers to verify. For example, your identification, visa, social insurance number, passport, payroll, or banking information.

Be prepared to take courses.
Education and work experience in another country in certain industries or fields may not translate the exact same way in Canada when finding your first job, so you may have to take something like an equivalency course. You can get your education evaluated by organizations like World Education Services.

Volunteering is a great way to make new connections and get “work” experience.

Tweak your resume.
Information on your current cover letter and resume may not be required here in Canada. For example, including things like your age, religion, marital status, etc are not included when applying. You want to avoid anything that can be construed as discriminator and remove it.

Network with others who have immigrated.
Connect with other people who have immigrating to Canada, especially if they immigrated from the same country as you. They can share their experience of immigrating to Canada, give you some advice on what you could do as a newcomer, and make you feel more comfortable knowing that someone else has been in your shoes and understands what you are going through.

Tap into the hidden job market.
These are jobs that are not advertised and are built through referrals and recommendations. For example, if you’re currently volunteering at an organization, you could ask someone if they know of any job openings within the organization.

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