Five Reasons Why Finding a Job Will Be Different in 2021

Posted: 01.12.2021
The pandemic has certainly changed the way we work and do business… companies are onboarding remotely, job seekers are doing virtual interviews, employees are working from home, etc.

With the pandemic approaching its one-year mark, by now businesses and employees have gotten a pretty good handle on the way we work, and a lot of these changes are likely to stay post COVID-19.

Below we discuss five reasons why finding a job will be different this year.

1. Your digital presence will be important.
With the looming pandemic, there’s an obvious surge in people working from home and using more technology, and this trend is likely to continue beyond COVID-19. As a result of this, make sure as a job seeker you:
  • Clean up your social media platforms or create professional social media accounts.
  • Start creating your own content like blog posts, an introductory video for your LinkedIn, etc.
  • Contribute content to gain more experience.
Including a few of these things can really give you an edge on your resume.

2. Employers will focus a lot on your capabilities.
COVID-19 pushed a lot of people out of their comfort zones… working from home, using new technology, balancing home-schooling your kids, etc. With companies shifting their business and organizations to be more flexible, they’ll definitely be looking for employees who adapt well when things unexpected happen.

3. Geography may not matter as much.
You will be able to expand your job search more with remote work being so prevalent. Employers will be more open to hiring candidates from another city or town and as a job seeker, you can discuss remote options available with your hiring manager, so you can take that job that’s maybe three hours away.

4. Online networking will remain popular.
Professional job groups like the ones on LinkedIn will remain popular for finding leads and making connections. Don’t be afraid to reach out to hiring managers, career coaches, or other professionals in your field for advice.

Online professional development events will also become more popular – check out our upcoming virtual events listings here.

5. Work culture may be hard to come by.
With more businesses and organizations switching to remote work, experiencing workplace culture will be a lot more difficult. Setting aside video chats can help… but they aren’t the same. If you are a new employee, it will be harder to tell what the culture is like at a firm, you won’t be able to get a feel for the place by seeing people walking around or looking at the break room.

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