Personal Branding During a Pandemic

Posted: 01.26.2021
Communications Specialists for Insperity John Feldmann says looking for employment has changed in two ways for job seekers.

1. Competition is higher than normal as a result of candidates competing for positions at companies that haven’t been affected by the pandemic.
2. The pandemic has also spiked the rise in remote work, meaning more job seekers will be looking for work outside of their geographic boundaries.

Below we have summed up some of Feldman tips for job seekers on how they can better market themselves so that they can stand out to employers and hiring managers.

1. Clean up your portfolio and social media pages.
Before you start making professional connections, Feldmann suggests making sure your cover letter, resume, LinkedIn profile, and other work-related social sites are updated.

Ensure you have a professional photo, include keywords in your cover letter and resume, and make sure to include extra things like examples of your work whether it be articles from a blog or past marketing campaigns, etc.

2.  Now you’re ready to network.
Feldmann suggest joining groups on LinkedIn, as an example, that are related to your field of expertise. This will help you to make new connections and keep you updated with the latest trends or companies that are hiring.

You can also participate in online events and webinars. Companies more and more are taking advantage of platforms like ZOOM to connect more with their clients in place of live in-person events.

You can check out our full list of upcoming virtual events and webinars here. We have been hosting a number of events for job seekers, HR professionals, and entrepreneurs as a way of continuing to provide tips, advice, and making connections despite the pandemic.

3. Make sure you highlight your soft skills.
Of course, you should still highlight special programs you’ve worked with or your creativity, but Feldmann says you should also make mention of your soft skills. Are you good at problem solving? Do you work well in a team? Do you have leadership skills?

Now more than ever during this pandemic, companies and organizations are going to look for candidates that are dynamic and adaptable, so they will definitely be looking at your soft skills too.

4. Become a “Subject Matter Expert.”
Feldmann says, “There’s a big difference between those who are subject matter experts in their industry and those who struggle to look like they are in order to get hired.”

He suggests taking the time to create and share content. Create your own social media posts, contribute to a blog, anything that shows that you are working on better yourself by doing a little bit of work on the side while you’re still searching for a position. It’s something your employers will appreciate.


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