Soft Skills Employers Will Value – Especially During a Pandemic

Posted: 03.23.2021
At the least, employees need to fulfil role specific requirements in order to perform their duties at the company they are applying to. These can be things like knowledge of the industry or understanding how to use certain programs.

But the employees who stand out from other applicants during the job selection process are the ones that have additional qualities like soft skills making them a well-rounded candidate for a position.

Below we have provided you with our list of top soft skills you should have as an employee. These skills will also come in hand with our current work-from-home situation as a result of the pandemic.

1. Communication.
This one is a huge one. With many people working remotely as a result of the pandemic, being able to effectively communicate with your co-workers without being in the same room is important. Are you able to respectfully speak up about something if need be, do you listen carefully to instructions, do you ask for help when needed, etc.

2. Problem-solving.
When working on your own at home, employers want to know that you are able to troubleshoot if something goes wrong. Do you know who to call if a particular program is down? Do you have a back up plan if there’s a laptop glitch?

3. Decision-making and leadership.
Are you able to take the lead and make an executive decision on something when need be? As long as they aren’t large business-related decisions that require input from senior level employees, you may have to be the one that makes the final call. With ZOOM meetings and phone calls, there will be some days where a lot of your team members are busy, so being able to take the lead on smaller things shows that you have the capability to be a leader.

4. Adaptability.
This trait is just as important as communication. Being able to adapt to a changing working environment is huge for an employer, especially with this on-going pandemic. Taking on tasks you normally don’t do, adjusting to a new working environment, working with new people, etc. Adaptability shows how well you work as a team member when things get tough.

5. Organization and time-management.
Employers are going to have to trust that you can do your job without being completely supervised as a result of working from home. Ensure that you know what your tasks are for the day, ask if you aren’t sure about something, and be ready with your work for your next ZOOM meeting or phone call.

6. Open to criticism.
Ensure you are able to take feedback, even if it’s not good. Your openness to hearing and accepting this feedback shows your employer that you are aware that there is always something to learn and that there are always ways you can improve or grow at your job, even if you are at a senior level.

7. Stress management.
This is important in particular because of the pandemic. With social distancing measures and closures still in place, a lot of people are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. How are you managing your stress levels? Are you getting enough sleep, taking time to go outside, are able to speak up if things are getting too hectic at work?

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