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Posted: 05.11.2021
Whether it’s a question about the current job market, how to make your resume stand out, or how to ace your video interview – we’ve got the answers for you.

Welcome to our new segment called: “Ask the Recruiter.” It’s where we’ll answer your pressing questions about employment.

Answering your questions is our Senior Recruitment Consultant Sandy Thomson. She has over 20 years of experience in permanent full time, project and contractual consulting, and temporary staffing. Sandy prides herself on excellence in client and candidate service delivery and works across many industries and positions with a focus on accounting and finance, including public accounting firms.

Do recruiters really read your cover letters? If so, do you have any tips on how I can stand out?

There are many who do and many that don’t.

My recommendation is yes; include a cover letter as this will assist the recruiter to quickly assess your qualifications to match against potential positions. This will also allow recruiters to create a file for you right away in case they don’t get to have a phone call/face-to-face/virtual meeting with you. Please include why you are looking for a change, if applying to a specific role - be specific as to why you’re interested in that role. If it’s a generic application, provide what type of role you are looking for.
Some tips:
  • Tailor your cover letter to the position.
  • Provide types of roles/industries of interest.
  • Be concise and brief.
  • Summarize transferrable skills.
  • Provide salary expectations and preferred location of work.
  • Provide any soft skills that are not on resume.
  • Do not cut and paste from your resume.
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