5 Tips for Eliminating Distractions When Working from Home

Posted: 06.30.2021
We’re moving into Stage 2 of Ontario’s re-opening plan today (Wed. June 20th, 2021), which means the opening of more businesses.

But despite that, more companies are opting to continue working from home full-time or taking the hybrid approach, like Amazon for example.

If this sounds a lot like your reality after COVID-19, below we have provided you with some tips on how you can remain focused throughout the day.

1. Schedule your time.
When working from home, we encourage you to keep the same schedule. This means:
  • Getting up the same time everyday
  • Following the same “getting ready” routine (i.e., working out, eating breakfast)
  • Start and finish work at regular times
Keeping a schedule can help to limit distractions during the day whether it’s from feeling groggy because you’re going to bed too late every night or rushing to make breakfast because you wake up late every morning. A schedule can help you get more organized and prepared for the day.

2. Create boundaries.
Whether you’re around your spouse or a roommate, we recommend that you create boundaries so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to minimizing distractions. Let them know when you have your ZOOM calls, when you have a call with a client, if you have a deadline for a project – this can help them to work around their own work schedule too, avoiding to take calls when you have them, as an example.

You can also create boundaries for yourself. For example, say you find yourself more productive in the early afternoon, you can make sure that you complete your most intense work during that part of the day.

3. Understands what triggers you.
We all face certain workplace stressors like stressing about a deadline or having too many things on your plate. Ensure you understand what those stressors are in your day to day and learn how to cope with them so you can feel less overwhelmed and stay focused. Ask yourself what you are exactly stressed about, what are the things you can control, etc. to eliminate you from being distracted with worry and stress.

4. Silent your devices.
Your phone can be a huge distraction, so you might want to try muting your phone to avoid being bombarded with texts and social media notifications. Create boundaries with your devices like only using your phone during break and lunch time, to help eliminate these distractions.

5. Listen to yourself.
You know when you do your best and how much you can handle. If you feel like you’re taking too much on at work – tell your manager that you need to scale back a bit. If you feel like you’re rushing to complete a particular project – what can you do better next time to avoid feeling like that. By creating these boundaries for yourself, you can avoid being affected by workplace burnout.

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