Tips for Searching for a Job While You’re Still Employed

Posted: 08.10.2021
Finding a job is already tricky enough, but if you’re still employed and looking for a new job – it can be a lot more difficult. Not only are you spending extra hours after work searching for openings and applying to them, but you also have to be discreet to ensure your current employer doesn’t find out you are planning on leaving – which can make them view you more negatively.

Below are five tips to consider if you are looking for another job while still employed.

1. Is your current employer hiring?
Check out what positions your company is currently hiring for. You may find that there’s an opportunity for advancement if someone like a manager or supervisor is leaving as a result of them leaving. If there isn’t a current opening, you can still discuss your options with your superior – but keep in mind what your relationship is like with them. Can you have open discuss like this?

2. Perhaps you could be a boomerang employee?
A boomerang employee is someone who leaves a company but goes back to work at the company again a few years later. Did you leave your previous company on good terms? If so, perhaps you can get into touch with your previous manager about current opportunities available at the company. You can also try re-applying to companies you have applied to in the past but weren’t successful at landing the position. Maybe you can contact the interviewer about available positions at the company?

3. Keep your job search a secret.
It’s obvious that you wouldn’t tell your boss, but you should also consider not telling your close co-workers at your workplace either. You don’t want to risk getting that information out to any of your superiors, as some companies may actually have a policy where they can let go of people who are actively searching for a new job.

4. Don’t search for a job during your working hours.
This should be another obvious one, but you do not want to be searching for another position during your current company’s time. Remember, you are still an employee of the company, and it is very disrespectful to be distracted with unrelated projects when you are supposed to be doing your job/what you’re paid to do. Hiring managers and recruiters are very understanding of this, so just be very upfront with them and say you’ll need to schedule phone calls and interviews during off-hours or lunch time.

5. Ensure you update your LinkedIn carefully.
You always want to make sure that you update your LinkedIn as frequently as you can to reflect your most updated skills set but be carefully when doing so. In the meantime, turn off public notifications so your current employer doesn’t see that you are “open to new opportunities.”

In addition to this, you want to ensure you’re careful about posting your cover letter and resume to online job boards because these platforms are public, and your employer could potentially see. You should also refrain from making comments publicly on social posts that say “hiring,” “currently recruiting for,” etc.

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