5 Productivity Hacks for Recruiters

Posted: 08.26.2021
Recruiters have gotten a lot busier over the last couple of months.

With Ontario being in step three of its re-opening plan, many companies and organizations have ramped up its hiring after being on hold for nearly the last year and half due to the corona virus pandemic.

Although this is a positive move in the industry, many recruiters are overwhelmed with the amount of job orders they need to fill and candidate interviews they need to juggle.

Below we have provided you with five productivity tips on how recruiters can improve their time.

1. Create email templates.
Instead of constantly re-writing similar emails repeatedly, why not have set templates created for your more frequently sent emails. Whether it’s an email about scheduling an interview, asking for references, a job offer, or a rejection letter – have these emails ready to go by creating a template and making them easily customizable to change a candidate’s name.

2. Use scheduling tools to book your interviews.
Managing interviews with your candidates and appointments with your clients can be tough if you don’t have an organized system in place. If you like using traditional pen and paper to book and schedule your meetings, ensure you use a calendar booklet to mark everything in.

However, you can take your organization a step further by automating your meetings and letting the candidate or client book the appointment or interview for you. There are many tools out there like Calendly, Pick, and Vyte that can help you with this.

This can also help to ensure that the candidate or client is booking to meet with you at a time that is more convenient for them, as opposed to getting someone who is a no-show because it didn’t end up working out on their end.

3. Group key members of each department together.
This will help you save time by speaking with multiple people at once, rather than each person individually at different times. For example, if your company or organization is looking to hire a sales representative, you can meet with various sales leaders and one of the mangers in the sales department at the same time, so they can collaborate on what they are looking for in the next hire to give you a better idea from multiple perspectives.

4. Prioritize your workload.
With many interviews and job orders on your plate, it can be tough to decide which candidate or client to tackle first. To help you prioritize, look at everything and determine things like the ideal start date, how it impacts the company or organization, will it be an easy or a hard fill, etc. This will help you determine what to work on first and what you can put to the side for the time being.

5. Take advantage of your existing talent pool.
It’s important to have a database of candidates who have previously expressed interest in working at your company, candidates who had great experience but at the time didn’t make the cut, people who have been referred to you, candidates you have met at networking events, etc. As you keep growing this list, you’ll be able to rely more on finding candidates on this list (which has already been vetted) versus looking for external candidates and starting from scratch.

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