Three Ways to Answer the Question: “How Would Your Boss Describe You?”

Posted: 10.05.2021
Interviews are nerve-wracking. For some it may be because they’re nervous about talking too fast, for others it may be because they're taking a huge step in their career path and they want to ensure they do it right, or it could be because you find it awkward to talk about yourself.

To help eliminate some of the guessing and stress, in this article we provide you with three ways you can answer the interview question “How would your boss describe you?”

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1. Name a couple of positive traits with short examples.
Think of a couple of examples a head of time, so that you are prepared and not thinking of how you are going to answer the question on the spot. Some examples include:
  • I am hardworking – my boss can rely on me finishing a time sensitive project in an adequate amount of time.
  • I am helpful – if someone is away in my department, my boss can rely on me to assist with some of the more pressing tasks of the day.
  • Ability to multi-task – my job requires me to juggle multiple assignments at once and my boss can rely on me to prioritize each task and finish them all in a timely manner.
2. Use an example from your performance review.
You can actually refer to comments made in a performance review by your boss to help answer this question. Take a look at your review and look at some of the key words your boss used to describe you – use those words and elaborate how they can be applied to your responsibilities at work to help back up those descriptions from your boss.

3. Share a story from work.
If you haven’t had the chance to mention a particular story from work that shows off your skills or you want to talk about how you have specific skills the company could use to their advantage if they hire you – now is the time you can bring it up. 

Your story could be about anything – it could be about how you are always willing to assist and train new hires, how you have a good grasp on the service and/or product and co-workers are looking to you for knowledge, or you are particularly savvy with closing in on sales, etc.

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