How to Show Potential Candidates Health & Safety is Top of Mind at Your Organization

Posted: 10.07.2021
For those who are heading back into the office post-pandemic, protection from contracting COVID-19 in the workplace is a concern among many.

Employers have to remember that even though restrictions are lifted, health and safety concerns among individuals have gone up.

Below are some tips on how you can ensure your current employees and new candidates are aware of your health and safety protocols and that you take them seriously.

1. Have a health and safety plan in place.
There’s not a one size fits all approach because it depends on your place of business but having a health and safety plan in place can make employees and new candidates feel more at ease.

Taking a look at some of the guidelines listed on Ontario’s website is a good place to start.

Once you have a plan in place, it’s important to communicate that plan to your employees and ask for some feedback too. There may be a couple of points you as a company didn’t notice that are a concern among your employees.

2. Include it in your job description.
When posting a job posting, include bits and pieces of your health and safety plan to fights against COVID-19 within the description. You can insert it at the bottom like a footnote or right at the top before job seekers even read the description. This way candidates will know right away that there is already a plan in place.

3. Include it in your company branding.
Further to including it in your job description, ensure to include aspects of your health and safety plan in other places like your company website or social media platforms. This will bring greater awareness to people at large about how your company is taking precautionary measures.

4. During the interview process.
We know that virtual and phone interviews have become more common as a result of stay-at-home measures, but if you are planning on going back to work in the office, face-to-face interviews on some level may return, so you want to ensure you as a company follow your own health and safety protocols.

Consider wearing a face mask, have hand sanitizer available, social distance from each other at least 6 feet apart, etc.

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