Quick Guide on How to Care for Your Mental Health While Job Searching

Posted: 10.12.2021
Looking for a new job can be overwhelming. In fact, job searching can mess with your mental health. From getting stressed out to fearing that you won’t be able to make ends meet, job searches can take a huge toll on people.

The good news is, you can take care of your mental health while job searching. While staying positive in your search is a good start, you should still work towards keeping that positivity. In this quick guide, we’ll show you 4 tips on how to maintain your mental health when looking for a job search.

1. Start with Small Goals.
“While finding a job can be a short-term goal itself, you should still set some smaller goals for what you’ll do in the meantime,” says Isaac Miller, a recruiter at Paper Fellows and Boomessays. “In fact, securing a job should be your long-term goal. In the meantime, finding a job should be your short-term goal. However, in conjunction with that short-term goal, have a set of smaller goals. Having smaller goals helps build the momentum in finding a job, and they urge you to keep going in your job search.”

Here are some examples of small goals to consider having:
  • Update your resume.
  • Have one or two people look over your resume.
  • Send out 2-3 applications per week, etc.
Goal setting can keep your mind on track and lessen the likelihood of procrastinating and feeling down about your job search.

2. Find Your Purpose.
Job searching should be meaningful for you. That’s why it’s important to find a purpose for your job search. In other words, have a sense of meaning when looking for a job.

When finding a purpose, keep the following objectives in mind:
  • Think about the things that you enjoy.
  • Think about the things that you’re naturally drawn to.
  • Focus on your skills and strengths.
  • Channel some positive energy to create a sense of hope for the future.
3. Get into the Habit of Scheduling.
Liking having a job, searching for a job requires plenty of scheduling. No matter your situation, scheduling has to be involved in the job search.

For example, if you’re currently working at a job, and want to leave that job for a new one, you’ll need to have a plan, which will require a safety net. In other words, during your off times or breaks at work, you can make time to either update your resume or send in an application for another job. “As for the safety net, you’ll need to consider having it, because the last thing you want is to quit your current job without another job waiting for you on the other side. Plus, having free time can actually benefit you when it comes to scheduling your job search initiatives” says Jane Lee, a psychology writer at State of writing and Liahelp.

You should also schedule your interviews, especially if you’re being scheduled for, say, multiple interviews in one week. You may find yourself going to more than one interview in a single day, but that’s okay. That shows how organized your scheduling is when job searching.

4. Take Care of Yourself
Ultimately, self-care is the way to go when job searching. Since finding a job can be stressful on you physically, emotionally, and mentally, it’s important to take care of yourself regardless of your circumstances. You may want to create time in your schedule to take care of yourself – whether it’s to take a break, eat, or exercise. When you practice self-care, how you do so is up to you. Just make sure that you collect the materials and other things that you’ll need to fully enjoy each of your self-care practices.

As you can see, finding a job doesn’t have to be overwhelming for you, especially when it comes to one’s mental health. In fact, mental health should come first when looking for a new job, because that affects how you work towards bettering your life. Yes, the job search can be very stressful to the point where you want to give up. But don’t give up!
Take these 4 tips into heart, as you go about your job search. By taking these simple actions, not only will you draw closer and closer to your new job, but you’ll feel great mentally.

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