New Year Resolutions for Recruiters

Posted: 01.12.2022
The New Year brings upon new plans and new goals – and it doesn’t just have to be measures you set in your personal life!

The recruitment industry has been through a lot in the last two years. Layoffs, staffing challenges, remote work, virtual onboarding, and so on.

So in this article, we wanted to highlight five things recruiters can do to up their game in 2022 and face any challenges that come about in the New Year head-on!

1. Pay attention to recruiting trends!
As mentioned above, the recruiting landscape has been ever-changing since the pandemic hit in March 2020 – so pay attention to recruiting trends that may come about this year. By paying attention, you can count on staying ahead of the game this year.

You can conduct a survey, for example, as a way to collect concrete data on what job seekers or your clients think about your recruitment strategies. It’s a great way to gauge whether or not your methods are working.

2. Train new recruiters.
Focusing more on investing more time and effort into training new recruiters. Regardless of their extensive backgrounds, there is always something more that they can learn. Perhaps you can train them on new social media strategies they can implement into their daily postings or you could give them another refreshing on some sales tactics. Unconscious bias in recruiting is another big one you should ensure your recruiters are trained in.

3.  Invest in recruiting technology.
This doesn’t have to be something major, it can be as simple as using a program like Calendly to help you schedule meetings, so you aren’t going back and forth with candidates or clients. is also another great recruiting platform that uses cutting-edge technology to connect job seekers and employers instantly. Employers have options like virtually interviewing candidates live on-site, background screening options, and skills testing all in one place.

4. Improve candidate experience.
Ensure you are communicating with a candidate efficiently throughout the hiring process and if they don’t get the job, make sure you communicate to them briefly about why they didn’t. Encourage them to ask as many questions as possible. You can even personalize your emails, so candidates don’t feel like they are being sent another “template.”

And with many employees still working from home and with the increase in remote work, a lot of employees are looking for that option – try and see how you can make that option a reality for them, even if it’s a more hybrid approach.

You want to show candidates that even though you are hiring them, you still value them to work through the hiring process with them regardless of if they get the job.

5. Ask for employee referrals.
Take the time to post jobs internally and make it easy for other employees to share that job opening easily on their social channels. Existing employees can really help to enhance your recruitment effort, with referrals oftentimes resulting in better higher productivity and lower turnovers.

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