How To Write Job Description to Attract Young Professionals

Posted: 01.19.2022
Job advertisements are an important part of any company's recruitment process. It is critical not only to accurately reflect the essence of the vacancy but also to choose the appropriate style of information submission. Bright, memorable, creative job advertisements are becoming increasingly popular and they frequently lead to far more interesting candidates.

The methods for finding new employees are vastly different from what they were ten years ago. Furthermore, currently, members of generation "Y" make up the majority of the labour force. They value independence, creativity, and originality in a job.

Their communication style is lighthearted, with plenty of jokes and slang. As a result, modern recruiters should consider all aspects of available labour capital when conducting live interviews and putting together creative job advertisements. If you are having trouble with generating a piece of writing, you can always seek assistance from the best websites specializing in custom writing reviews.

Below are three tips to consider in order to attract young professionals to work at your organization.

1. Create a brief job description.
You want to try and limit the job description to two or three comprehensive sentences that capture the essence of the vacancy.

For example: “Our company is looking for an employee who is constantly striving to make the world a better place, adopt more stable solutions, and make customers more pleased.”

This would show the prospective candidate that the employer is looking for someone who values a company’s mission statement and is able to move/grow the company forward in fresh new ways.

You can go into more detail about the role during the interview. The key is you want to attract the right candidate.

2. Change how you list role responsibility and company benefits.
In the description, try using non-traditional ways of describing the company culture at your organization in order to give job seekers a better visual of what it would be like to work there. Ensure you keep in mind that a lot of young professionals coming out of post-secondary place a high value on things like inclusivity, mental health, and flexible working hours.

For example: “From the office windows, you will admire breathtaking views of the city throughout the day; there is a relaxation corner with a soft sofa, etc.”

When mentioning company benefits, they should be highlighted and delivered in a bright and positive manner.

3. Understand what’s trending.
This is something you can incorporate if you are sharing your vacancies through social media. It’s a great way to demonstrate to young job seekers that your organization is trendy, contemporary, and is always in sync with changes. Don’t be afraid to use colour or features like “stories” to share your job opening.

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