3 Tips for Job Searching During the Weekend

Posted: 02.18.2022
With Family Day coming up this weekend, searching for jobs is probably the last thing on your mind – and it should be! After all, it is the weekend to be spending time with your loved ones. But as with any long weekend, many dread the Tuesday return with emails to get back to and tasks to complete.

So in this article, the team at ToronotJobs.ca has come up with three tips on how you can carve out a small amount of time over this Family Day weekend to prepare yourself for another week of job searching so it isn’t that overwhelming.

1. Review your job search process thus far.
If you find that you aren’t having any luck with your job search, perhaps this long weekend is the time to review why this is happening. By reviewing why you may not be getting any callbacks now, you can avoid making these mistakes when you’re sending out resumes to organizations during the workweek, thus wasting any unnecessary time on tactics that don’t work, so you can get yourself to the hiring stage. Some questions to ask yourself:
  • Are you providing keywords in your resume to ensure it is ATS compliant?
  • Is your resume too long?
  • Are you sending your resume to the appropriate contact?
  • Does your experience fit the job description?
  • Can you alter your job title to help describe your role better?
2. Catch up on missed job alerts.
If you’ve had a busy week and missed out on a couple of job alerts – carve out some time to work on your application for those jobs this weekend. To avoid falling behind during the short week ahead, have your cover letter and resume ready to go to send out Tuesday. Not only does this help you get caught up, but it will also help you enter the new week feeling productive.

*Tip: When sending your resume out on Tuesday, wait until mid-day, as most companies will probably be catching up on emails in the morning. Your application has a higher chance of being seen/read then.

3. Look for new opportunities.
In addition to catching up on alerts you’ve missed, take the time to look for new opportunities to apply to during the coming week. Save these new opportunities in a folder so that you can quickly access them during the week when you’re ready to apply. This process will eliminate the “searching” time, so you can just head straight into the application process.

Taking time to prepare or apply for jobs over the weekend is important. As much as we want to relax, carving out that extra time can help you in the long run. Whether you implement all or just one of these tips, you will find yourself that much closer to finding your next job.

*Tip: Taking some time to implement these tips in the morning allows you to tackle the job search task before you carry on with the rest of your day.

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