10 LinkedIn Profile Tips

Posted: 03.03.2022
LinkedIn is an important tool for any job seeker.

Not only does the platform allow candidates to post job experiences, education, past internships, certificate completion, and more – it also gives them the opportunity to network with other professionals in their industry.

Avid LinkedIn users know the benefits of using this platform to propel their careers, so if you are new to it, below we have listed 10 tips for novice LinkedIn users to make your profile shine!

1. Double-check your profile settings.
Before you start updating your LinkedIn, take some time to review your privacy settings. This is especially important if you are still employed and looking for another job. You’ll want to turn off the setting of “updating your network” when you make changes to your profile. You also don’t want your current employer to know that you’ve turned on your “open to work” setting.

2. Think about your personal brand.
Next, before you start uploading previous experience from your resume, think about the message or brand you want to send to recruiters and employers when they land on your profile. For example, if you are a Content Creator, how will that be represented on your profile? You can do this by:
  • Adding experience that is relevant to your industry.
  • Perhaps you can upload an out-of-the-box cover photo?
  • Add video links of your best work to highlight your abilities.
The relevance your profile has to a particular industry can help recruiters quickly understand if you are the right fit for the company.

Once you figure out your personal brand, it will also be much easier to fill out the rest of your profile and who to network with on the platform, as you will see in the following tips.

3. Your profile should provide quantitative information.
This means that instead of listing your responsibilities at your previous jobs, you are describing with examples how you made improvements or a difference at a company. For example, instead of saying “Skilled in using social media platforms,” you would say “Increased social media following from 5000 to 10,000 people through the use of targeted algorithm tactics.” Then if a hiring manager asks you to elaborate on this point in an interview, you can outline what targeted tactics you used to achieve this goal.

4. Don’t be generic.
Stemming from the last point, don’t use generic words like “hard-working” or “dedicated” to highlight your work ethic. Expand on these words and actually describe why you are a hard or dedicated worker.

5. Use keywords.
Hiring managers are looking through tons of LinkedIn profiles when searching for candidates, so you want to ensure you use keywords to help grab their attention onto your profile. For example, if you are in marketing, using words or program names like Google Analytics, Canva, Adobe, fast-paced, creative, and communication are key aspects to marketing-related jobs.

6. Add external links to your profile.
Especially if you are in a creative field like writing, content creation, or graphic designer, adding links to your work can be extremely beneficial for your profile. By having these links available, recruiters will be able to see the responsibilities in your job description put to work or action through the examples you provide, giving them a better feel and visual of you as a potential candidate.

7. Have quality recommendations.
More isn’t always better. It may look great to have multiple recommendations on your profile, but how much substance do they have? Ensure you include or ask for recommendations from relevant co-workers or past managers. Having one or two quality references will go a long way than having 10 mediocre ones.

8. Take advantage of LinkedIn Learning.
LinkedIn has a feature where you can take courses and earn certifications in an endless list of topics in various industries. It’s a great tool to help you constantly build on your current skills set, which can help you build more knowledge in your industry, leading to things like higher pay and promotions.

9. Connect with professionals in your industry.
Don’t be afraid to reach out and connect with other people in your industry. That’s what LinkedIn is all about – creating a network! Whether it’s connecting with other colleagues at work, people you’ve gone to school with, or those you admire in your industry – by growing your network you will be presented with more opportunities to be inspired, connect, and learn.

10. Join groups on LinkedIn.
This is another way you can find like-minded professionals in your industry. Groups allow you to discuss relevant topics, industry trends, new job opportunities, and become more engaged in your field.

Written with references from:
The Muse.
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