How to Submit Your Cover Letter and Resume Files Properly

Posted: 05.04.2022
You may think that naming your cover letter and resume isn’t a big deal, but the way you name your files when you submit them in an application can make a small, but impactful difference.

The way you name your cover letter and resume files can show the employer that you are organized and pay attention to detail. It also helps the employer keep track of your files.

In this article, we will talk about some tips on naming your cover letter and resume.

1. Read the job description carefully.
Sometimes employers will lay out to job seekers how they would like them to name their cover letter and resume when they submit their application. So keep an eye out for instructions like this.

2. Avoid generalized file names.
You want your file names to be specific to you and the job you are applying for, so avoid naming your files “Cover Letter” or “Resume.” Think about the employer when they receive your file. If you name it something generic that’s similar to thousands of other applicants, it will be harder to stand out.

3. Ensure you remove the version number of your resume.
Sometimes as a job seeker you create different versions of your cover letter and resume depending on the job you are applying for. This is great – however, always remember to remove that differentiator on your files. It won’t look as professional.

4. Always include your name.
Make sure to include both your first and your last name on both your cover letter and resume when naming your files. For example, “Veronica Smith Cover Letter” and “Veronica Smith Resume.”

5. Make sure the name is legible.
The example above is perfectly fine to use when naming your files, but if you wanted to take it further, you could add hyphens or underscores in your naming. For example, “Veronica – Smith – Cover Letter” or “Veronica_Smith_Resume.”

6. Add the position you are applying to.
Even further, you could add in the position you are applying to in the file name, so it could look something like this:
  • “Veronica Smith Sales Representative Cover Letter”
  • “Veronica – Smith – Sales – Representative – Resume”
  • “Veronica_Smith_Sales_Representative_Cover_Letter”
7. Use the proper file type.
The most common file types used when submitting a cover letter and resume is either Word Document or PDF. Ensure to use either or. 

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