Four Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Posted: 05.11.2022
As many continue to stick to working from home post-pandemic, it’s important for employers to keep their employees engaged and motivated like in the office.

It can be a lot harder to maintain a connection when everyone is working in different locations, with only their laptops and phones as your only way to communicate – but it is still possible.

So in this article, we are going to discuss four ways to do that.

1. Map out employee-specific plans.
Helping your employees create a goal or something to work towards can really help to motivate them. For example, to motivate a newly hired person, work with them and show them how they can use the expertise in their role to either help them get promoted in the future or how they can utilize their skills to help develop other departments in the company. Not only does this encourage them to open themselves up to new tasks, but it also shows them the potential of how they can grow within your company – which helps with employee retention. A great time to discuss something like this is yearly during employee evaluations.

2. Offer training and coaching.
Providing opportunities for your employees to learn more in order to do more at your company is another way you can help keep your staff engaged in their roles. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot has changed in terms of the tools we use to get our work done – technology being the biggest one. Whether it’s enrolling an employee into a training program to help them develop new skills or getting paired with someone that can train them on higher-level tasks – training and coaching is a great way to show your staff that you value them to help them grow and stay within the company.

3. Be open and honest.
Being transparent with your employees will go a long way to building trust, which in turn will maintain engagement and motivation among your team members. Having open discussions about salaries or company happenings and updates both on an individual level and a company as a whole will help your staff feel comfortable if they want to talk about anything that concerns them. For example, if an employee has been feeling burnt out, being able to openly communicate will create a better working environment for both the employee and the employer. The employee can scale back until they recuperate, which can help them bounce back better than ever when they are well-rested.

4. Encourage collaboration.
Including your staff in some company-wide decisions, strategies, or campaign ideas can help create better teamwork. With your employees feeling more included in these processes, they will be better motivated to complete their projects and tasks because they won’t feel as though their ideas aren’t being heard or ignored. This can also help you as an employer because opening up different dialogues and discussions about certain things within the company can help to bring about new ideas that you may never have thought of.

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