Win Your Job Interview: 5 Tips

Posted: 08.09.2022
Job interviews are nerve-wracking. No matter how many practice questions you go over before the interview, there’s always that feeling that you could have done more to make a better impression after the interview is over.

So in this article, we are going to discuss five tips you can incorporate the next time you are preparing yourself for a job interview.

1. Research the interviewer.
You’ve probably heard the tip about researching the company you are interviewing at before you head into your interview, but do you do some research on the person who is interviewing you? In some cases, you won’t know who will be on the other end, but sometimes, whether it’d be on LinkedIn or on the company’s website, there will be contact information available about the person conducting the interview attached to the job description. Use this to your advantage during the interview.

For example, if you notice that the person interviewing you went to the same school as you, figure out a way to bring that up during the interview. It can help to break up the interview with some light conversation to help bring out your personality a bit more.

2. Have a couple of stories in mind.
In addition to reviewing practice questions, figure out how you can answer a couple of those questions with a story. By providing greater detail like this, you can give the interviewer a better idea about the type of person that you are and the skills and experiences you have. To put it another way, you are telling/showing the hiring manager your expertise through narrating a story.

3. Have good body language.
Sometimes this can be a little challenging, especially if you are nervous. Try to avoid sitting very stiff, slouching, keeping your hands clasped together, etc. This kind of body language closes you off, rather than opens you up. Ensure you sit up straight, use your hands to emphasize a point, and remember to smile. These small adjustments can help you radiate confidence, which can lead to you feeling more comfortable as the interview progresses.

4. Ask questions.
Even if your question has been answered, always ask a question or two throughout the interview or at the end. Not only does this show that you are interested in the role and company, but it also shows that you have good communication skills – that you are able to listen and ask for clarifications or follow-up questions. It shows the interviewer how you may interact with a client or customer.

5. Ask for feedback.
You may have heard about writing a thank you note after your interview as a follow-up thanking the interviewer for their time, but do you ask for feedback? More often than not, if you ask for feedback, the hiring manager will be more than happy to give you a couple of points. Especially if you learn that you didn’t get the job, asking this question is extra important. You may learn a couple of things that you can change or tweak next time around.

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