Guhuza - Created for Recruiters by Recruiters

Posted: 09.15.2022 would like to introduce our new platform!

Guhuza is a revolutionary recruiting platform that is not like your traditional job board.

It’s an all-in-one technology solution for the hiring needs of small businesses in the Greater Toronto Area that allows employers to interview live in real-time through the platform, perform background screens, and request skills testing.

We understand that the recruiting industry is tough, especially with the current labour shortages. Traditional hiring processes are slow and time-consuming involving many steps that sometimes lead to disappointing results. From preparing a job description to drawing up an offer – employers spend an average of 36 days finding the right hire. This is why we created Guhuza – a platform created by recruiters for recruiters. 

To get started, employers will need to register here.      
Once registered, employers can start uploading as many open positions as they’d like.

The system will use its matching technology to bring employers qualified job seekers that complement each job description – no screening or searching required! Guhuza does the work for you!

Once a match has been made, an alert will be sent to the job seeker to notify them that an employer is interested in interviewing them. If they accept the offer, live interviews can be conducted on the spot!

Curious about Guhuza’s live interview technology? Click here to learn more and get your FREE trial now!

You can view our full pricing plan here.

Our other employer services can be found here.

Still not sure about the platform? Book a demo with us to speak to a representative about the benefits of using our new technology here.
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