What Gen Z Wants in Their Job Experience

Posted: 12.13.2022
Statistics show that Gen Z will account for 27% of the workforce by 2025.
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced leaders all over the world to re-evaluate the employee experience. Job seekers now have a unique advantage in today’s labour market and with Gen Z entering the workforce their expectations on what they require from employers differ from previous generations. Studies show Gen Z wants the following from their work experience:
  • A company that values the well‐being of its employees.
  • Ethical management (accounting for morals while overseeing an organization and prioritizing the well-being of employees, customers, and the community).
  • A sense of purpose (According to studies, 42% of Gen Z would rather work for a company that inspires them than one that offers higher pay).
While research has shown that job security and a respectable salary continue to be top priorities, the factors below remain just as important for Gen Z.
  • An inclusive and diverse workplace (reports found 23% of Gen Z said they had experienced workplace discrimination).
  • Mental health support (studies show younger workers still feel a stigma surrounding mental health issues in the workplace still remains and 35% of Gen Z claimed to have missed work because of the pandemic's stress and anxiety).
  • Eco-friendly work (when deciding which companies to support and align themselves with, Gen Z continues to place a high priority on issues like climate change and the environment).
This new shift in mentality is causing companies to change the way they run and adapt to changing circumstances.
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