The Subtlety Culture in the Workplace

Posted: 01.24.2023
The subtlety culture has made a large impact on the workplace. It has sparked trends such as quiet quitting, quiet hiring, and quiet firing to emerge and become popular amongst those joining the workforce.
Quiet quitting describes an employee who does only what is necessary to complete a task and does not invest any more time, effort, or enthusiasm than needed.
Studies show 21% of workers are ‘quiet quitting’ saying they only do the bare minimum.
Quiet hiring refers to assigning current employees to new roles or requesting that they take on extra responsibilities to address a pressing, immediate business need. Today's businesses must contend with a competitive hiring market, a slowing economy, and pressure to control costs. Given this, many leaders felt the need to be innovative and are implementing this strategy.
Quiet firing occurs when managers fail to adequately coach, support, and develop an employee's career, resulting in the employee being pushed out of an organization. Many managers quietly fire their employees without realizing it as well by not encouraging personal growth or appreciating their contributions.
According to reports, 83% of respondents reported having experienced or witnessed quiet firing at work. Engagement drivers such as accomplishment, environment, freedom of opinions and peer relationships can encourage employees to apply their full selves at work.
Understanding and communicating these trends can improve your business by building credibility and dependability among employees.
Have you witnessed any of these trends in the workplace?

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