Advice for Finding Employment in Tough Times

Posted: 12.03.2015
  1. Network at Holiday Parties – Holiday parties are not only a great way to spend time with friends and family, but they are also a great opportunity to start networking to access the hidden job market. A friend of a friend just may be the hiring manager at an organization you have been trying to get in contact with for months. So how do you approach this? Start by doing your homework: research who is going to be attending and be on time. Creating a business card is a great idea for ensuring your new contact can stay in touch with you.
  2. Research Thriving Industries – Despite layoffs in many sectors there are still industries that are creating many employment opportunities. Sectors such as Law Enforcement, Accounting (Collections), Health Care, Information Technology and Green Projects are among those emerging industries that seem to be growing/hiring. Start researching future trends and upgrade your skills.
  3.  Social Networking – With the emergence of social networking there are hundreds of associations and groups on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. By creating an account and joining these groups you could easily be connected to hundreds of people within seconds. Once you are signed up to these sites create your “social networking plan”. Create goals to connect with a certain amount of people each day that could be of assistance in your job search.
  4. Make your Resume Standout – When applying for a position, update your resume by using quantitative information of how you can assist that organization through tough times. Use past examples of how you solved problems within your past positions and examples of how you can generate new revenues and ideas.
  5. Try New Strategies – Your current job search strategies might not be cutting it. Try joining new “in-person” associations or networking groups or try new keyword searches in your online search. If you have always looked for large corporations’ opportunities, try looking at small businesses and try looking at new industries outside of your area of expertise. The unemployment rate is projected to keep increasing over the next few months so the time to start is now! Companies aren’t waiting around to offer dream jobs to those that submit their resumes. Yes, it's not that enthusiastic in the employment sector, but you can increase your chances of gaining employment by thinking differently than others.
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