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Top Tips for Acing the Interview Process

Posted: 11.24.2015
With employment on the rise, it's time to brush up on those job search skills that have been practiced since the economic downtown and finally put them to use. With the competition stronger than ever, there is one chance to make a remarkable first impression on a potential employer. Interviews are the key component that will make or break a chance for landing a position.

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Network your Way to the Top

Posted: 11.18.2015
Networking has always been a great way of finding out about job opportunities that you might otherwise not hear about. Some studies indicate that up to 80-90% of jobs are found through the hidden job market, so it's important to know how, when and where to network. Networking involves making contact with people and nurturing those relationships.

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Tips on Retaining Staff

Posted: 10.16.2015
The market for quality staff has become more and more competitive with demand exceeding supply in many areas of the economy – a trend that is expected to continue in the coming years as boomers retire.

In addition, the cost of hiring new staff (e.g. costs of advertising and training, productivity delays, etc.) has increased substantially over the last decade.

Here are some suggestions that your organization can implement to minimize the risk of your employees leaving, many of which are of low or no cost ideas to implement.

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