Our Outplacement Services are designed to assist companies and individuals in the termination process
Outplacement assistance is a sound corporate policy to ensure the best possible transition for terminated employees. Reducing stress for all parties involved, minimizing the prospects of lawsuits, and lowering the possibility of negative publicity are all benefits of this important service.


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Features and Benefits for the Employee(s)
  • Resume review and revision
  • Cover letter review and revision
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Interview role plays
  • McQuaig personality test
  • One-on-one or group coaching (depending on the needs of the employee)
  • Customized packages at multiple levels to serve a diverse group of candidates
  • A high quality of training and support materials.
  • Referrals to experienced financial advisors to ensure their financial well-being.
Features and Benefits for the Employer
  • Employment Standards Act reference material
  • Tips on how to effectively terminate
  • Referral(s) to a qualified employment lawyer(s) to ensure the termination is handled properly from a legal perspective
  • Comfort with the knowledge that your employee will be treated professionally
  • Workshops on group transition for remaining employees
Why Should I Choose TorontoJobs.ca Outplacement Services?
The strength of our TorontoJobs.ca brand: By using TorontoJobs.ca Outplacement services you and the terminated employee(s) are taking advantage of our knowledge of the Greater Toronto Area job market gained by years of experience.

We know what employers are looking for: With the excellent reputation of our TorontoJobs.ca employment services, we are extremely familiar with what employers are looking for in staff. As such, we can help employees ensure their target job search is in line with what is needed in the job market in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our Experienced Coaches: TorontoJobs.ca Outplacement Services has engaged some of the best coaches in the Greater Toronto Area. These coaches have collectively been in the coaching industry for many years and have assisted thousands of employees with their job search.
Benefits to the Terminated Employee


Our Outplacement Service can provide a sense of direction for your terminated employee(s) and help to alleviate a sense of resentment the employee may have towards your company.

Empowering Displaced Employees

Our Outplacement service can ease the transition process by providing displaced employee(s) with a strong career management plan and the job search tools needed to successfully pursue a new job.

Emotional Support

We can assist the employee(s) to take proactive steps to work positively towards the next stage in their careers. The employee may feel displaced and frustrated and our service can help to alleviate some of those feelings.
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