Recruiter Buzzwords

Posted: 05.05.2021
Are you an aspiring recruiter or a small business owner making your first hire?

You’ve probably come across terminology like onboarding, talent pipeline, or job board… but do you know what they mean?

Below we have complied a list of common recruitment terms and unpacked their meaning to help you get a head start!

Talent Acquisition: This is sort of a new term, but it’s just another name for someone who is a recruiter or someone who acquires talent for a company.

Onboarding: This refers to the process of bringing someone into the organization or company after they have been hired. During this phase is when the new hire would get their workspace, receive their laptop, receive a training program, and whatever else they need to get them up to speed.

Outplacement: These are services that are designed to help those who have been terminated to find another job. It can be in the form of coaching, resume mining, etc. Check out's Outplacement Services here as an example.

Head-hunter: This is generally someone who works in a recruiting firm and their job is to look for talent. The term is quite out-dated, but if at any point you do come across this term, you’ll know that it’s in reference to someone who is in recruiting. Some other terms people may use to describe recruiters:
  • Staffing Consultant
  • Recruiting Manager
  • Senior Staffing Consultant
  • Talent Acquisition (like mentioned above)
Corporate Recruiter: This is a recruiter who searches for positions for their own internal organization, as opposed to recruiters who work at staffing agencies, where they are helping their clients find staff.

Talent Pipeline: Refers to your pool of candidates for a particular role.

Culture Fit: Refers to how a potential hire could fit or mesh into your organization.

ATS (Applicant Tracking System): Organizations and companies can use this as a way to keep track of candidates like when they applied, where they are in the hiring process, how to contact them, etc.

Boolean Search: These are searches that allow you to use word or phrases such as “and,” “or,” “not,” etc., in order to get better search results when you are searching for candidates on a job board or a resume database.

Job Board: Is a portal for companies and organizations to post their job openings. Check out’s Job Board here as an example.

Employee Turnover: Used to describe how frequently employees leave an organization. So for example, a high turnover rate may indicate that there are problems within the organization and they may be having difficultly keeping staff.

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