FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Digital Recruiting: Key Strategy for Combating Labour Shortage

Posted: 10.11.2022
Toronto, ON - For the first time in three months, employment increased slightly in Canada last month, however, experts at say it's a small improvement. Labour shortages still continue to affect a large number of companies and say the key to tackling this issue lies in how employers are searching for talent.

Methods like offering higher pay and increasing worker flexibility aren’t enough to address the problem in this ever-changing hiring landscape.

“The old way of recruiting just isn’t working anymore in today’s fast-paced, just-in-time type of environment,” says Marc Belaiche, President and Co-Founder of Guhuza.

In fact, as seen through one of Guhuza’s polls, 58% of Canadian employers take longer than one month to fill an open position, which shows that traditional job search and hiring processes aren’t cutting it.

The top three reasons for this include:

1. Candidate Screening: time spent manually sorting through and reviewing applications of unqualified candidates.
2. Scheduling Interviews: the procedure of emailing and calling qualified applicants to schedule an interview is time-consuming.
3. Ghosting: time wasted when job seekers "ghost" or don't show up for their scheduled interviews.

Guhuza is an alternative to these traditional methods offering employers and job seekers the ability to complete the entire hiring process online and conduct live interviews directly on the system.

Its advanced technology matches a job seeker's profile with positions uploaded to the site and ranks them for employers based on the skills required for a position. Once a match has been made, live interviews can be conducted right through the platform.

With Guhuza’s cutting-edge technology, employers can have someone start in less than 24 hours, eliminating 90% of the time spent in hiring – with live interviews, background checks, and skills testing all conducted in one place.

“Guhuza exceeds today’s expectations in the recruitment landscape,” says Belaiche.

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Development for Guhuza started in 2020 with the vision of creating a platform that could capture the entire recruitment process online in a highly competitive market with a lack of urgency in recruiting candidates. Through its matching advanced technology, job seekers and employers can connect instantly through the platform completing live interviews, background screening, skills testing, and more all in one place.

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