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  • Seize the Moment with a Compelling Cover Letter
    A cover letter is a critical component of your job search. It is all about attracting positive attention from the recruiter by making a great first impression.

    As a professional résumé strategist, every once in a while, I’ll encounter someone who only wants a résumé and nothing more. Before agreeing to take on the assignment, I always take a moment to ascertain that individual’s ability to write powerful business correspondence. After all, if our organization is going to provide an impressive résumé, we sure don’t want our client to waste their investment by attaching a poor cover letter to it.
  • Using Social Networking Tools to Brand Your Company
    With significant growth the last few years in the social networking arena, now is a great time to use these tools to brand your company, particularly when trying to attract job seekers to apply to your open positions.

    Regardless of whether your organization currently has significant brand recognition or you're just beginning to build your brand, using social networking tools lets job seekers know about your company which in turn should help attract the best candidates.