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Graphic Designer/ Marketing Assistant Recruitment Division
Marketing Assistant/ Sales Associate Recruitment Division
Recruitment Assistant/ Sales Associate Recruitment Division

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  • 5 Ways to Prepare for your Skype Interview
    So you have been asked by a Hiring Manager to conduct a Skype Interview for your first meeting. 

    Some of you might be asking what is this thing she called “Skype”; some of you might be worried that your “not-so technical skills” you noted you were an expert in on your resume might shine through and some of you may believe you are tech-savvy and you got this in the bag.

    At, we have conducted 100’s of Skype interviews and are surprised at the amount of people that don’t cover the obvious things that should be considered before they sit in front of their computer screens to impress a potential employer. 
  • How to Select a Recruiting Firm
    This video shares some tips on how to select a Recruiting firm, such as their reputation, referrals, their specialization (such as geographical, position, industry, etc.) as well as meeting them.