National Employee Appreciation Day – History & Ways to Show Your Employees You Care

Posted: 03.03.2023
Today (March 3rd, 2023) is National Employee Appreciation Day.

Where did it come from?
Employee Appreciation Day was launched in 1995 by Workman Publishing as a day to remind managers that a strong employer-employee relationship is at the core of any successful business. When employees feel validated it creates a positive working environment, a strong team, and retained talent.

Did you know?
  • The concept of minimum wage was introduced in Victoria, Australia in 1896 when authorities established waged boards tasked with determining minimum pay.
  • The U.S. Labor Department was introduced in 1913 by President Taft with the goal of promoting the welfare of workers, job seekers, and retirees.
  • Over 40% of workers say they left their jobs due to stress.
  • The average office chair roles almost 13 kilometres every year.
  • The average office worker spends 50 minutes a day looking for lost files or items.  
How to show your employees you appreciate them?
  • A simple thank you can go a long way.
  • Celebrate milestones – whether it’s a work anniversary, getting your first sale, major project completion, a personal milestone, etc.
  • Provide training opportunities to show your employees that you want them to grow with you. For example, you can give them training or shadowing opportunities.
  • Encourage work-life balance by reminding employees to use their vacation days, for example.
  • Ask your employees for feedback and incorporate suggestions into your workplace practices and policies.
  • Show respect and appreciation towards your employees’ cultural and religious holidays and traditions.
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