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16 Tips to Terminate an Employee Professionally

Posted: 07.06.2016

The main question most employers have when laying off staff is “How do I conduct the termination in a professional manner?” Please read below for tips on ensuring the process is conducted in a professional and efficient manner.

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Using Social Networking Tools to Brand Your Company

Posted: 06.29.2016
With significant growth the last few years in the social networking arena, now is a great time to use these tools to brand your company, particularly when trying to attract job seekers to apply to your open positions.

Regardless of whether your organization currently has significant brand recognition or you're just beginning to build your brand, using social networking tools lets job seekers know about your company which in turn should help attract the best candidates.

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Assigning Mentors to your Employees

Posted: 12.08.2015
Mentoring is a general term that is used to describe any relationship in which one person (a mentor) provides expertise and guidance to a less experienced individual (a "mentee" or protege).

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10 ways to turn off new employees

Posted: 12.07.2015
Making sure that your new employees are comfortable in their new workplace is a great opportunity to make sure that they start off on the right foot with you. However, many employers turn off new employees by making some simple, easy-to-fix, mistakes on the employee's first day(s) on the job.

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Did you know? Favourite Interviewing Questions

Posted: 12.07.2015
A survey was conducted by to find out recruiters’ favourite interviewing questions. We spoke to a number of recruiters in the Greater Toronto Area and we asked a simple question: “What’s your favourite interviewing question?”

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Tips on Retaining Staff

Posted: 10.16.2015
The market for quality staff has become more and more competitive with demand exceeding supply in many areas of the economy – a trend that is expected to continue in the coming years as boomers retire.

In addition, the cost of hiring new staff (e.g. costs of advertising and training, productivity delays, etc.) has increased substantially over the last decade.

Here are some suggestions that your organization can implement to minimize the risk of your employees leaving, many of which are of low or no cost ideas to implement.

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